Donald Trump’s victory wasn’t foreseen by anyone… except Astrology

mr-trump-yellow-tieIn the same way the Brexit could be foreseen as early as the date of the referendum in the UK was known, Donald Trump’s election to the presidency of the United States was just as much predictable by Astrology, provided that its methods are implemented properly. With my group of students, I had concluded in the last spring, not only that D. Trump’s victory was unavoidable, but also that it was going to be a surprise for everyone throughout the world. The main astrological reason for that is simple: the planet Uranus, close to the Sun in Gemini in Trump’s natal chart, predicted an extraordinary career full of unexpected developments thanks to an outstanding adaptability, and based upon a powerful self-assertiveness, particularly towards institutions. Uranus symbolizes sudden events, thunderbolts, changes of the political regime like revolutions (it was discovered 8 years before the French revolution). It represents also individual success and economic liberalism. Uranus is highlighted in the chart of the United States (declaration of independence on July 4th, 1776) and represents freedom, expansion, technical progress and individualism, these terms being clearly connected to the US.

But Trump’s chart shows also a rare particularity that makes the difference: the Ascendant at the very end of Leo lies exactly on the star Regulus, one of the four “royal stars”. Also called “Leo heart” or “Little king”, this star is famous since Antiquity for bringing a brilliant destiny or an outstanding power, if confirmed by the rest of the chart. Other remarkable configurations, such as Mars in Leo on the Ascendant, showing a « fierce pride », or the very beneficial trine of Jupiter to the Sun and Uranus, just confirm that it is really the case here.

But the astral configurations of the election period had to match in order to win. And the least we can say is that they matched considerably: Uranus comes to the sextile (a beneficial angle between two planets) of the Sun, the ruler of the Ascendant in Leo, a configuration that occurs two or three times in life. Jupiter, back in Libra as in the natal chart, forms a trine, the best possible angle to the Sun and Uranus. As for its annual chart, also called solar return chart, it was no less promising: made for Greensboro, North Carolina, where Trump hold a meeting during his birthday, it emphasizes the connection between the Sun and Uranus and shows a conjunction of the Sun to Venus, the star of seduction that attracted a majority of American citizens.

Hillary Clinton’s natal chart shows also interesting configurations, but these are spoiled by a square (an adverse angle between two planets) between the Moon in Pisces on the Midheaven and Uranus in Gemini: the popularity symbolized by the Moon is suddenly eclipsed by an unexpected and sudden reversal of the situation, which is absolutely characteristic of a Uranus square. The candidate had only one possibility to attempt to stop the rot: spending her birthday in Phoenix, Arizona, in order to enhance her annual chart. Although she had been informed in advance, she did not follow the advice and preferred to hold a meeting in Florida, a State that Trump won by far. Since her birthday on October 25th, the destiny of America is sealed, and more widely that of the world.


Donald Trump, June 14th, 1946, 10:54 a.m., Jamaica, NY